Virtual Dedicated Servers

Techie Networks offers highly available Virtual Servers (also known as Virtual Private Servers "VPS"). Our pricing is simple and we find that this is a typical start for a company to create or start a private cloud for their business.

Use our interactive pricing wizard to design your server, and contact us today

Item Monthly Quantity
vCPU (Core, minimum 1) $10
RAM (per gb, minimum 1) $10
Storage (per 50gb, minimum 50g) $10
Total $30.00

Why Techie Virtual Servers?

Unlike other providers, Techie Networks will help you fine tune your servers to your applications and your needs on an individual basis. We are not a bulk provider (although you are welcome to use our servers however you want to), we usually tailor each solution for each individual customer. We understand that not all customers are the same.

Each Virtual Server comes with the following:

  • Highly Available, clustered virtual machines
  • 99.99% uptime guaranteed
  • Tiered storage availability
  • Optional pfSense firewall to protect your machine OR to connect to your other servers at your office
  • Quick upgrades in CPU's, RAM and space
  • DNS hosting